Pioneer 435 FDE and xBox 360 problem


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Hi,i have recently bought a xBox 360 for use with my Pioneer TV, i have it hooked up via the component cable and the picture quality is amazing, however, i cant seem to get the sound to work, when hooked up through the front ports the sound works but obviously it isnt hi-def. Is there anything i could be doing wrong or are my sound ports dud?


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You need to feed the audio in to the number two scart input on the rear of the pioneer media box when using the component input for video..


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The component input doesn't have separate audio inputs. If you connect the left and right audio from the X-box to the scart socket with the same AV input number as the component (AV3 I think) then you will get the sound.

A scart adaptor with phono sockets on it will do.


u also need to set it to optical out or sterio in 360 settings

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