Pioneer 435/436/506 owners using an external processor



I've got a Pio 506FDE display and have been considering getting an external video processor. Since 1:1 pixel mapping is not an option with this unit it is not exactly the best candidate for this. I would like to hear from anybody who is running a 436, 506 or one of the previous gen models and using an external video processor with it. What is your setup like and do you feel that there is a clear difference between using the display with and without the external processor? I am especially keen on hearing from people who are using a HTPC or a Snazio/Linkplayer/similar to play back HD content (1080i transport streams, 720p xvid/wmv etc).

I've read a lot of discussion on these issues in this forum but what I'm after is just subjective feelings from people who have used the Pio (or some other plasma that lacks the ability to do 1:1 mapping) without an external processor and how you feel that the picture improved after you got the processor.

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