Pioneer 434 Vs Yamakawa 365


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After much reading on the forum I have taken the plunge to order this player from Germany.

I am on the look out for a HDMI to DVI cable, Keene's electronics seems to be the cheapest but does anyone know any better deals out there?

Can anyone see any pitfalls on these two working together digitally before I get it?

I know this seems like the horse has gone before the doors closed (that doesn't sound right!) but all in all it will offer much more than my current aging player.

Your advice will be gratefully received:thumbsup:

Joe Fernand

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No experience with the player you've ordered I'm afraid - though our Molex cable pricing looks 'competitive' against the page you've linked too :)

Best regards



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Can't give any advice I'm afraid, but would love to hear how you get on with the DVD and Pio, as I was considering getting the Yama to go with my Pio.

Look forward to your results,




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Thanks Joe,

I have in fact ordered the cable now as I have read your post too late however for everone else's info that was their last 1. So you will need to go Molex!

I was hoping for the player before the weekend but will let you know how I get on.........very excited though:zonked: :thumbsup:


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I am monitoring it via UPS as I type!

It has been dispatched from Nuneaton at 5:20am this morning so I would hope it's there when I get home tonight. Will report as soon as get it!

By the way the HDMI to DVI cable came the next day from ordering with Keenes so I am all set to go!:thumbsup:

Hazy Davy

Any feedback yet? How much did you pay in total for the lead and player?



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I have rang UPS today as the player did not arrive yesterday:mad:, they assure me it will come today.

Lead was £29.99

Player was 196 euros including UPS mail costs.


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WOW! :eek:

It works!!!!!

Early days and I've just been kicked off so my wife can watch Friends but this is without doubt the best picture I have seen on my plasma!:clap:

Now I will put a disclaimer in that I am not as experienced as some of the other forum members when it comes to knowing what a good picture is. I would also point out that I have traded a 4 year old RGB only Sony for the Yamakawa.

but s:eek: :eek: t me what a difference. It is almost like wiping a layer of dust off the screen! The edges are super sharp compared to RGB. Everything looks so much more 'accurate'.

I have got to download the english manual from somewhere but all the screen resolutions work but on the info display .........

480p shows 525p
576p shows 625p
720p shows 750p
1080i shows 1125i
Perhaps someone could enlighten me on this?

I immediately jumped to 1080i but the picture, although seemingly the best resolution (could be just in my head mind!) jerks a bit during slow pans. The Pure Cinema Advanced setting seems to calm it but 720p at this stage comes over as a lot smoother.

I am looking forward to chucking my Divx collection at it but initial impressions are that it is a cracking piece of kit and my expectations have not been disapointed.:smashin:



I immediately jumped to 1080i but the picture, although seemingly the best resolution (could be just in my head mind!) jerks a bit during slow pans.

I wonder if this is because the player is putting out interlaced.

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