Pioneer 434 - HDMI with Sony camcorder ??

Jules Tohpipi

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Hi All,

I've just bought a Pioneer 434, and very happy I am too (largely speaking that is, but then I'm too much of a stickler for my own good).

I also own a splendid Sony TRV-33 camcorder, and was wondering if I can buy a lead that will interface between the Mini-DV output on the Sony, and the HDMI input on the Pioneer's media box - for that all digital experience ?

I was browsing the HDMI website the other day, and there it claims HDMI is backwardly compatible with DV-I. So can these two be hooked together in this manner ??

Can anyone advise please ?




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The mini DV output fron your Sony is actually an iLink (IEEE1394 Firewire) connection and is not compatible with DVI or HDMI.

Some DVD recorders have iLink inputs for camcorders so it might be possible to connect through one of these and view through the RGB scart output.

At least copies to DVD would be completely digital and should offer good results.

As for direct connection you'll have to stick with s-video outputs for the moment.

Maybe the Camcorders & video editing forum may have some answers

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