Pioneer 434 HDE advice please



Hi, I am a new member and having done a lot reading on this forum and a good few mile round shops I wanted some advice please.

I am keen to buy a Pio 434 HDE which will be in the living room. It will be used for general family viewing and watching films although the kids will have access to a separate TV/DVD/Video.

I will be linking the plasma to a Sky box, DVD player via component , a Video recorder and a Yamaha amp and speakers.

I have read on this forum about sync problems with Sky boxes and average RF signals, so my question is am I going to be dissapointed with what I get on screen? The DVD images I have seen in stores have been very good even via scart so I am less worried about that.

I am a discerning viewer and want to get a really good result but I wouldn't describe myself as an absolute perfectionist.

Many thanks in anticipation of some guidence.
I bought the same screen blind last november and was worried the wife would say the picture on sky was rubbish but the picture is nothing short of fantastic, 100 % better than i ever thought it could be, just be sure to sit at least 7 feet away from the screen. the movie channels and channel five are as good as DVD!



It depends what your expectations are from Sky - personally I don't like this plasma as I find the movement very jerky and unnatural - this applies to most of the ones I have installed.

Also in common with a lot of Pioneers - the picture can look a bit grey or greenish.

Dvd generally looks Ok, most stores who know what they are doing will set the plasma up via HDMI which will always look good as most people haven't experienced this before in this country.

However I have heard some people say that Sky looks excellent
on theirs and therefore I have to question whether there is some inconsistency between panels.

In its favour the set looks 'aesthetically pleasing' and is very wife friendly.

Me - I'm a Fujitsu fan - P42HHS30 and its lovely, also works a treat for Sky due to a combination of Faroudja de-interlacer, AVM plus (for movement) and a jaggies filter.


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I have a Pioneer 504 and the picture from Sky+ is excellent and I did not notice any lipsync issue. I noticed you live in London and so do I, so you are welcome to pop in and check how it is.

I also believe it should be even better on the smaller 434.



Thanks for all the comments, it has helped build up a clearer picture of what I want to see on my next demo.

many thanks

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