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Hi guys,

I’ve recently bought a pioneer 434. Just connecting it up and want to ask some questions, so please help;

1.) if I connect a progressive scan dvd to input 3 (Y,PB,PR) via three leads, can I then not make use of the input 3 scart for another device?

2.) I already have my pace cable box attached to input 1(RGB), but if I connect my sat receiver to input 2 (non RGB) how worse will the picture be? And are people using this input 2 for satellite, whats your views?

3.) If I connect my pace cable box to input 1(RGB), why are some people suggesting I get a scart with 2 breakout leads for the audio to put into my av receiver? Can I not just use the audio outs on the 434 media box straight to my av receiver? If I use the audio outs from 434 is a degredation in quality?? Could that be it?

These questions are confusing the hell out of me, so if theres anyone who can offer advise it would help loads!


emad i'm using the denon 3802

the pace digi box has 2 scart outs, no audio outs


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My understanding is that once you have labled the input to accept component on input 3 in the options if you connect anyother signal type it won't display it until you change the setting to RGB or composite.

So I would have thought you could connect the scart from your satelite but just turn the dvd off, swap the lable as and when you watch?

In my experience having tested composite, svideo and rgb from my sky box, rgb definately gives the sharpest/best image.

If you haven't a digital out on the cable box, like sky+, then I would be surprised if you heard any degredation in sound quality. Convenience would drive me to patch the sound coming from the media box as then whatever you are watching on screen will be coming through your amp too. A lot more wife friendly!

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