Pioneer 433MXE & Prog Scan



Confused Newb to progressive scan! (I have looked at other threads but still confused!)

When I press the display button on my Pio 433MXE, I am seeing 625p. Am I correct in assuming this means the display is receiving a Pal progressive signal from my DVD player (Tosh 530E).

However, the 625p displays for both Pal & NTSC playback - Is this correct, or should I be seeing a different display result with NTSC Region 1 disc playback?

Hope someone can clarify

Hi Pedro,

Yes, you should be seeing 625p on the MXE when inputting a PAL progressive scan signal. For NTSC PS from your Toshiba, you should be seeing 525p, not 625p. Hope this helps.

Thanks Dutch - That's what I thought - strange!

You don't happen to have any ideas as to why I'm seeing 625p for both sources do you?

Do you see the correct display on your 433MXE?


Do you have the option of PureCinema in the integrator menu system
Does the 530E have an option to output NTSC as PAL?

Not that I'm aware of - the only available menu option in the SD-530E is to output progressive scan - it doesn't differentiate betweeen PAL & NTSC.

I'm pretty sure from reading other threads etc that it can output both PAL & NTSC |PS.


I don't have a PAL PS capable player so I can't check for 625p, but I get 525p when feeding NTSC PS from the 757Ai or 900E. Sorry, I've no idea why you are getting 625p for PAL and NTSC. Also, I can't seem to find any option for PureCinema in the integrator menu.


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