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I've done a bit of searching but would like someone to confirm the connection options for a Pioneer 433mxe (with 5002 video card). I haven't taken the plunge yet and bought the beast so I can't experiment.

I have a Sony DVP-900 dvd player that outputs component video (maybe progressive if i'm lucky as a few were produced in the uk with this).

I currently run n s-video cable to my Denon 3802 from the sony dvd player and a scart from by sky digi box to a js tech rgb-to-svideo converter and into my amp. My US ntsc xbox also outputs svideo to my amp and then the amp connects to my 36 inch sony via svideo using an svideo-scart lead.

I get great pictures with this setup and the convience of switching sound and video through my amp.

When/If I purchase the pioneer plasma and I don't upgrade any other equipment, what connection options do I have? I can connect the amp to the plasma using svideo-svideo but should I be using component connections where possible? If I use component connections will I have to buy a custom lead or will 3 phono leads work.



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Use the component out on your DVD into the plasma - best picture by far. You can use the s-video from your box if you like, but a better picture would be via one of John Sims magic boxes - RGB scart to vga - and then into the plasma . Of course that way you don't use the amp, but you don't need to and video switching via an amp does degrade picture quality a bit.

Can't remember if the 433 has BNC or RCA component in. Your DVd almost certainly is RCA, but if the plasma is BNC you can buy adapters no problem.
Mines got bnc plugs , i just bought rca to bnc cables.


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where did you get the rca to bnc cable from? I've only seen them on

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Combining a PDP-433MXE (PDA-5002) with a Denon AVR-3802 gives you far too many choices and still leaves you with plenty of inputs on the display left over.

You could start with the system exactly as you have it now as an all S-Video system - pretty good but not the best; or as per previous posts you could move two of your sources over to Component - RCA to BNC cables for the DVD are pretty low cost and you can get an X-Box HiDef cable pack for around £60.00 (GAME - I think that should work OK with your US X-box)!

And if you want the best out of your Digibox you can get one of Dr John's RGB to VGA boxes - or get his new RGB to Component box if you dont use the X-Box on Component and want to retain switching on your amp. (The VGA converter is very slightly better than the Component converter!)

The video inputs on the Pioneer display are:

15 pin HD - for VGA (analogue RGB) or YPbPr
1 x BNC for Composite video
1 x 4 Pin Mini DIN - for S-Video
5 x BNC for RGBHV or YPbPr
1 x DVI for Digital RGB

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PS I wonder what the record is for the highest number of sources hooked up to a plasma display (Consumer system)!

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