Pioneer 433MXE and DVI


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Anyone got any experience of driving a 433 using DVI?

I'm trying to use one of the new Samsung DVD players in DVI mode. the player tells me it is outputting 1024/768. This stays constant whatever aspect ratio I set on the player.

The plasma is picking this up and displaying the image 4:3 with black side bars. The plasma display function tells me the image is 1280/768, which might explain why I've got side bars.

the technical manual for the MXE tell me the unit will accept both 1024/768 and 1280/768, and i had assumed that it would auto switch. It looks like this is not happening, but I can't find any way of manually changing the plasma setup, even in integrator mode.

I've had similar problems setting up PC input over VGA and for a while I could see a setup menu with XGA/Wide XGa etc, but I can't find it anymore.

I've talked to Pioneer, who were very helpful but ultimately could not help. The spec of the 433MXe talks about DVI PC signals, but not video.

Any ideas?

(I've put a similar post in the HD745 thread under DVD players)

Any ideas


hi stricko,

I'd be very interested in any answers for this myself, also having the 433MXE, and am in the market for a new DVD player.

there are a few other 433MXE owners on the site, so hopefully one of them will reply shortly



It sounds like a problem at the DVD end, I've used scalers with MXE's on DVI, and they accept 1024x768 with a defined 16:9 ratio, full screen no problems. I assume it is disabling the functions of the 'wide' button? It should say 'dot by dot' on XGA when you select the input.


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I wish I was at home, and could give you a 100% reliable answer, but I think the plasma says "Full(Type)" not "DOT by DOT" And the display resolution (as reported by the plasma) is definitely 1280/768!

I can't seem to make the aspect ratio setting on the DVD do anything meaningful. I've tried all the settings from 4:3 through to Widescreen, but nothing changes (over DVI at least). I did notice that some changes to the DVD display set-up give a "are you sure y/n" message, but not for the aspect ratio settings. May just be a warning that the current display will not be visible which switching between outputs. The aspect ratio changes are being remembered though, as they are OK when you go back into the menu.

I have a DVI PC monitor. I may hook that up to the dvd output to see what it thinks the signal is. Sounds like more testing tonight.


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Can I just clear one thing up? Is the DVI socket on the 433MXE a DVI-I or DVI-D? :confused:
Also, I'm trying to get a quality DVI cable, either a monster or Supra (other recommendations?), but I think there all DVI-D cables??



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Can't physically check the thing as a) I am at work and b) I'm not sure I know the difference, but the 433 manual states that it is DVD-D

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