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Would welcome views from users of this plasma - or anybody else for that matter.

I'm tempted to go for this instead of the Panny 42" because I want to use the plasma for PC applications as well as home cinema. How well does the 433 perform hooked up to a PC via the DVI-D connection?

Performance with DVDs is not as good as the Panny due to poorer prformance with blacks (lower contrast), but how good is it as a home cinema performer? I would take some drop in performance in exchange for the better PC connectivity, but not too much.

I've seen the Panny performing, but not the Pioneer. So if the Panny is 10/10, where would you put the Pioneer?

Thanks for any help you can give.
I recieved my pioneer 433 mxe yesterday , havnt tried a pc through it but imo it is better than the panasonic with dvd , it also has far more upgrade options in the future and the extra inch is noticable.

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Installer09, is your 433mxe noisy? Just wondering if you have concerns about fan noise or buzzing from the screen?

Also, did you compare this screen with any of the 50" plasmas?


No noise at all, apparently the fans very rarely come on if at all. I didnt consider 50" because of the price hike , I did see a couple though and thought the smaller panels definatly had a much sharper picture.

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Had mine working for the first time last night. war great watched gladiators. Only problemm was my 2800mk2 denon would not run progressive scan on pal as I was told it would when purchased. Phoned shop and was offered Arcam dv88p for extra £250 or wait for th 3800 to come into stock for extra £100 pounds. anyone got either that could advise pls



Pioneer 433MXE has fantastic colour rendition. They've really upped the number of available colours, and the difference is noticeable.

Like an earlier reply said, the fans very rarely come on - I think you'd have to have a hot ambient temperature and leave the screen on for a day solid or something ridiculous like that before the fans kick in.

If you've also looked at the 433HDE, I personally wouldn't bother. The price difference isn't worth it for the tuner, and that's really the one essential difference.

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