Pioneer 433 HDD ghosting

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    Oct 14, 2005
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    I wonder if anyone can help,I'm pulling my hair out here!

    My problem is I am getting ghosting on my new Pioneer 433 hdd dvd.

    Here is how I am running my connections to my TV

    My sky+ goes to the DVD hdd and then from the DVD hdd to the tv (via scart of course)

    My second DVD player which is a 5.1 surround sound player is plugged in to scart 2 on my tv and which all my sound comes from.

    SO why am I getting interference from the tv as it seems to show a tv channel in the background as ghosting.So if I go from BBC1 terrestrial to scart 1 (the DVD hdd channel) I can see BBC1 as ghosting in the background,this happens on whatever terrestrial channel was previously selected.

    I've moved the sky RF channel up to ch.69 so there's no interference from there.But I can't find it on the DVD HDD player to see if that works.

    I also have RGB plugs but the only problem is it's on the side of the TV which means the RGB cables will be poking out the side,but I don't want that.

    Is there any way I can get rid of this ghosting?I was told a gold plated scart lead may help...Is that correct?

    Are there any other methods of action?Or a different way I could plug it all in so as not to get interference?

    I hope you can help....I've searched everywhere for 5 hours now to no avail.This is my last port of call before I pull every strand of hair out! :suicide:

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