Pioneer 433 and HDTV?


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Jan 20, 2004
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I'm thinking about getting the Euro1080 HDTV service, but wondered whether my 433 will do it justice. Ideally I'd like to go straight to DVI (either via HTPC or a future receiver) but will the 433 handle the full resolution.

If only component is available, I'm assuming that the 433 will handle this OK, even at 1080p. Is this correct?

I've tried to make sense of the 433(503) technical material, but I'm a bit out of my depth,

Any help would be much appreciated.
If you have the 5002 card on the 433 it will not accept 1080 via DVI.

If you plan to go this route I would recommend you shell out for the Aurora 304 card which will accept all the HD resolutions via DVI (and it's HDCP compliant)
The 433 is straight out of the box, so I guess it's got the 5002. I didn't know that alternative cards were available (I said that I was outr of my depth!!!!!!)

Where might I look to find details of alternatives?
I thought the Aurora cards were having issues with PAL ?
I thought the Aurora cards were having issues with PAL ?

True - not sure how much of a problem it is, and Aurora have promised a firmware update to correct it.

Details on, or do a search on this forum. An Aurora emplyee has posted on the cards.

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