Pioneer 43" set up / rear speakers - Help please?!


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I have the equipment listed below and cannot work out the best way to link the video stuff up. Can anyone help please?

Also, I have sorted the sound but am considering speakers for the EX effects. Any suggestions - I know the rears I have should be on the side walls but I won't get away with that at home and the K4's are only 5 foot apart - is it worth having one middle rear speaker?

Pioneer 43" plasma
Pioneer Media receiver
Telewest pace 4000 cable box
Sony DVD (cannot remember model but has component out)
Playstation 2 (will need to buy better leads for this I guess)
Hard Disk recorder (not bought / decided on model yet)
Panasonic Video (will probably 'bin' when I get a HD recorder)

Denon 3803 surround amp
Linn Genki CD
Linn Majik (as pre-amp) and 2x LK140's for front speakers
Fronts: Linn Keilidhs
Centre: M&K K7
Rears: M&K K4 Tripoles (on back wall).

Thanks very much indeed in advance.


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To add to this, the plasam is due to arrive in a couple of days and I have just opted for the MXE version - I have my eye on the Arcam DVD88+ so want to tie in with the progressive . . . . .


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You've got an amplifier which can switch component video, so let's use this as the hub of your component video signals. This will allow us to connect multiple component video sources to the screen without any problem.

The Arcam will give you component video output (as does the Sony), which would then be directly connected to the amplifier. Digital Cable's output can then be converted via an RGB to Component (YUV) converter, such as the one I designed and sell. This would connect to the second input of the screen.

You've not decided on which harddisc recorder as of yet. I have a Panasonic DVD recorder which I place between Sky and my component converter. When the DVD recorder is off, Sky is passed through and I'm sure you could do similar with your HD recorder.

The Playstation 2 will have an option for RGB output (you may have to buy leads for this - I honestly don't know). This you could put in to the VCR input of digital cable, I do similar with my XBox in to Sky. And since you're looking to discard the VCR, using this connection for the VCR isn't an issue.

Audio can also be put to the amplifier.

Not sure about the middle rear speaker as I've not tried it myself.

All the best,

Dr John Sim.

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