Pioneer 427XD - Buzzing issue???


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Right - I have finally made the choice, after going to JL and Richer Sounds I compared both the Sony W and the Pio 427XD on both SD feeds (BBC1) and an HD feed.

Although, bizarely they were close on the SD feed, the Pio blew the Sony away on the HD feed! So the Pio gets it!!!!:clap:

I started looking on the internet for prices and came across a number of reviews, moaning about a significant amount of buzzing noise from the Pio?

Apologies if this has been discussed before, I did a quick search but couldn't find a specific thread - I wondered what fellow Pio owners had to say about this and had they experienced any problems?


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Hi, i have had my pio 427xd about a month now, have not experienced any sort of loud buzzing yet. The set does buzz a little when it is in standard power mode and displaying a very bright picture, but you can only hear it with the volume on mute and have to be standing fairly close to the set.

Others have complained about a much more annoying buzz, which i was slightly concerned about before i got my set, but i have not experienced a annoyingly loud buzzing.

I keep my set in 'save2' power mode, and there are no signs of any buzzing.


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I can hear a loud buzz from 14ft away with the sound turned down.... coming from the glass. My set has the quiet power transformer buzz on normal plasmas too - though this isnt an issue.

Other people have also reported the same issue. Mines going back after xmas until i get a quiet one. Sky installer said you shouldnt be able to hear it at all from over 6 ft away.... and i can!



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I have had mine for about 3 months, no buzzing what so ever

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