Pioneer 427 or Samsung 50Q7


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Please help,:lease:

I'm considering a new plasma for my new living room. I have now scope down my choice into two plasma:
1) Pioneer 427
2) Samsung 50Q7

I firstly considered pioneer 507, but the price is way too high. These two are within my budget. However, considering the picture quality, pioneer should win this time. But considering the size, Samsung should come win.

Please help or give opinion.

THANKS!! :thumbsup:


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In this case i would go for PQ over size. I got the pio and am very happy with its performance. Before buying it, i checked out many screens, one thing i observed was that the Samsungs do not handle upscaling very well, on a SD source the images had very fuzzy edges, whereas the pio looked so much better. Another thing i noticed was the difference in the colour, the samsungs colours looked pretty washed out compared to the pio. My comparisons were against 42" screens, if the sammys upscaling was as bad as it was on the 42 then i have a feeling on the 50 it would be even worse.

Have you viewed the 50 Samsung? if not i advise to do before making your choice. Can you live with a big tv that doesnt look to great, of would you prefer a smaller one with great pq? another case of quality or quantity.

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