Pioneer 427 and Xbox 360 use


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I popped into my local sevenoaks the other day to have a look at a properly setup 427XD, i was cerrtainly impressed and plan to take the plunge pretty soon. When i mentioned im going to get an xbox 360 to use with it, he paused and there was a sharp intake of breath and the guy asked how many hours per week would i likely be using it, i told him i may play it a couple of hours or three per evening and he said this 'should' be okay but anymore than that and i should be looking at an LCD display.

I had already looked at that and disregarded it due to the image i had seen, no black and depth of colour.

Ive read all the stuff on here with regards to running in on reduced settings etc, so im fully aware of the 200 hours (ish) i should be looking at and also using the game setting.

So realistically am i going to get any real problems with using an xbox 360 on a 427 display?



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I would also be very interested in responses since I want to get the Pioneer 507, but thinking I may be better off with a Panny 50" (60 or 600) due to image retention problems. Would much prefer the Pioneer though.


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I have a new 507 set. Probably less than 50 hours on it so far. Used it for movies, some tv and 360 gaming.

Probably 7-8h of 360 gaming using the “game” display setting, which looks bright and pretty high contrast (but I’m used to gaming on a lcd with much lower native contrast) and the colours are wonderful in this mode. I have not noticed any problems so far.

But none of the games I have played uses a lot of permanent graphics. Mostly played enchanted arm, gears, doa4 and a bit of cod3.

My tv showed a dvd menu for some minutes in “movie” settings, white backgrounds with red text, when it was brand new but nothing happened. I have also seen a 427 showing the same bright channel logo for a long time in a store, and saw no sign of the logo when I switched channels or locked at a dark background. To be honest, I was a bit surprised that I could not see any trace of that logo because the display looked very bright and high contrast. Overall the latest pioneer seems much improved compared to last years in this regard.

Despite this, to be safe, it’s probably best to avoid showing permanent images when the tv is new.



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I really wouldnt get too hung up on this retension business.......ive had a Pio 436 (reduced settings) for 12 months now on 15 hrs a day ....plenty of gaming PS2 / 360 and on the VERY few occassions there has been slight retension its gone within a couple of hours of normal viewing....that is of course you can notice it in the first place...personally i would go ahead and buy the PIO. reduce the factory settings and just enjoy the thing.


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Have had my pioneer sxe since may,have played many hours of xbox 360 without a problem,the colours,blacks,response time is superb.The newer pioneer models have very little or no issues with image retention now.
Just run it in sensibly and enjoy:smashin:


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Buy one!. Plug in the latest games and be prepared to be amazed. You won't regret it. Dvd's, Xbox360 all are exellent quality. If you've managed to narrow your choice down to a particular model, unlike an awful lot of 'poor souls' still searching for the answer on these hallowed pages, then just go for it as you'll never look back!


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Thanks for all the positive comments, just wanted to check as i was quite suprised when the guy in Sevenoaks mentioned it as they are normally top notch with there information :)


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I have had my 427 for about 3 months now, run it on 'Game' settings, have been known to marathon on the 360 for 8 hours...

To date no issues, no retention and no burn... :smashin:

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