PIONEER 414 DVD Player....Fading Display....

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by EmissarY, Dec 27, 2001.

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    Is there any way to fix a fading display on a dvd player? Or is it just a sign of age/wear and tear?

    My player is approximately 3 years old, sourced from the US via techtronics, but from a purely aesthetic point of view, my digital dash front screen - if u will - of the dvd player is starting to fade. By that i mean that the DD sign is fading, call me sad if u want, but i like my displays to be vibrant when i am sitting in my dark bedroom watching Maximus introduce Commodus to the finer points of a dagger...or say Arnie using one of his patented 'keys' to open a door...:)

    So does anyone know if I can send this player somewhere to fix a fading display? Or will it be too expensive to be worth my while? Equally is it just a case of replacing an LED?

    Any suggestions will be helpful.

    Thanx Guys and Gals.

    EmissarY ;)

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