Pioneer 370 Prog scan help wanted


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I borrowed a Pioneer 370 dvd player to a mate, and he decided to go fiddling with the menus on it. Hes set the progressive display to on - and i cant get a picture on the damn thing now.

I plugged it into my Tosh wlt58 thinking that i could reset it from there, but got no display. i've tried to reset it using the basic cables (got no display, just sound). Ive tried a few other bits n bobs and got nowhere. Ill admit its really getting on my wick now.

Would someone be kind enough to give me step by step instructions that i can follow using just the remote (i.e. press, left, down etc...)


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Page 12 of manual.
Put machine in standby.
Then hold skip track backwards key and press standby on.
Hope this helps (I had similar problem with my 565)

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