Pioneer 313 Dolby prologic2 troubles

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by Skeeter, Jun 28, 2004.

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    This is a cut and paste from a email but should give u what u need to help.

    I have had this pioneer dcs313 u recommended to me earlier for awhile now and im a bit worried about the dolby prologic 2 in particular.

    Dvd's sound fine and mint and all that but when i want to listen to Muse on my cd's i have (originals) and try to use dolby prologic 2 i dont seem to beable to get anything form the surrounds I have tryed also on a few other cd's as well.

    Is there anyway i can test the DPL2 with a test cd or something or can u recomend a cd that can be heard with DPL2 that i can tell that the DPL2 is working or not.

    With cds been played direct from the pio313 i thought DPL2 would be no problem to use. And MUSE cd i have has alot of guitar play and vocals and drums and well most rock type stuff and i thought id get somit like drums or other instruments form the surrounds and the vocals from the front, but no. They just seem to come from the 3 front speakers (centre inc) but i think they all are producing the same sounds and bass is coming alot off them 3 as well.



    Oh and How do i get it using DPL2 on the tv?

    I can get some sound but i dont think its digial coming through cos of the way its setup but I need to know how to get the audio signal from my freeview box to the pioneer 313 to use the digital sound instead of the stereo/mono i think im getting as atm the freeview has the basic line from the freeview to the 2head vhs player and the player is tuned on channel 6 for the freeview and atm the only audio i can get is from the scart to phono lead from the video player to the pio 313 TV in. I thought though that the audio might be able to come throught the normal scart from pio - tv lead as its bi-directional arnt they? Im sure its a 21 pin version scart also.


    So atm the way i hooked it up for tv sound but i think its not the digial part of signal is

    Freeview - Video normal ariel type lead
    Freeview to TV (normal scart to second scart socket)
    Video - Pio (scart -phono but using channel 6 on video) lead
    Pio313 - TV (scart to RGB tv scart socket)

    So i have to have tv on av2 for to watch freeview, the pio on TV button

    The Video on channel 6 so the audio comes on

    The freeview is on.


    I was thinking about a scart box with audio phono outputs on, but i dunno which one i need or how to set it up.

    Advice needed on that note.

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