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Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by Steve Church, Dec 2, 2004.

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    I am considering a Pioneer 220 as a VCR replacement. I have a Pioneer DV-360 DVD player and a Panasonic 32" CRT TV and also a Freeview box. I have a few questions.
    1. My DVD player has a sticker saying DVD -R.RW. Presumably recorders recording in +R/RW will not play on this.
    2. I have found no reviews on the Pioneer 220. What are users opinions on this in terms of picture quality?
    3.Whats the difference between Video mode and VR mode (I really am new to all this)
    4.Can I edit out the commercials on the Pioneer. If I need a PC how difficult(and time consumming) is this (I have a 1.33GHz machine).
    5.I have counted out the Philips machines (unreliable) and the Panny E55 (RAM...I was one of those caught out in the Betamax/VHS battle). The Pioneer fits my requirements but are there any others which I should consider for £200?
    6. What is component video. I always took it to mean RGB.?
    7. I have a lot of archived videos which I want to transfer to DVD. Are there any issues I need to be aware of that may affect my choice of recorder. I wish to do copies of these tapes for my children for them to play on their DVD players. I assume this will be possible with the Pioneer.

    Sorry about the long post. but I really have a lot to learn. I may ask more questions later!!

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    I have a Pioneer 220, so here goes :

    1) It does play +R and +RW even though the manual doesn't mention it. I have tested it out with discs I burned using my Philips DVDR75 machine (returned to Richer Sounds).

    2) I tested FINE, SP, LP and EP using output from Pio DVB freeview box. All looked acceptable on my Pioneer 434 Plasma. VR mode allows for editing out commercials, timeslip, etc.

    3) Video mode DVDs are playable on 99% of DVD players. VR Mode DVDs are playable on far fewer players. Your old Pio DVD will play it though.

    4) Use VR mode if you want to edit. Time to get a new PC :D

    5) Sony GX7 from at 280 Multiregion.

    6) Component is very like RGB but is transported using 3 phono leads rather than Scart. Its common in the US and becoming more common here. Your display needs to have component inputs (most plasmas do). Sometimes the signal can be progressive scan rather than interlaced as well.

    It is a pity that the 220 does not support this.

    7) As long as the videos are not copy protected by Macrovision you'll be able to copy them OK.

    To summarise, I really like the Pioneer 220. I miss the i-link that the Philips had but don't miss the grief! Its just so easy to program to record things, the user interface is Superb.

    There is a disc available which makes it region free.

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