Pioneer 1015 How to Teach the Remote ?


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Sep 26, 2005
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I have a Pioneer 1015 which I delighted with but cannot get the remote to learn how to operate my Yamaha S550 DVD player.
I would also like to leach it to change channels on the Sky+ box but it refuses. Any ideas ?
I have the same problem with the remote for my 1015, it will not learn Sky+ functions.
You can however, get you SKY+ remote to operate the volume, on/off of your 1015 (providing the sky+ remote is version4 or higher) :D
How did you teach the Sky remote ?
1. Press TV
2. Press Select + 0 - wait for double flash
3. Entered code 0328 (i use this code for the pioneer 1015)
4. Got a double flash to confirm code.
5. Hit Sky to get it back to normal sky control
6. Press TV
7 Using the page up / down keys controls my amp -

If you have a version 4 of later Sky+ remote you can control the 1015 using the TV volume buttons whilst in Sky mode.
Do the following:

1. Press TV
2. Press Select +1
3. Press Sky button

try changing the volume of the amp using the tv volume buttons
Thanks, it worked. :thumbsup:

Now if only I could control lthe Yamaha DVD ??

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