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After being let down by Play.com, I have now decided to buy from local shops

But now undecided between the Panny PX70 or the Pio PDP4270XD.

Any thoughts or experience would be appreciated. is there much diff between the 2.



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0XD has only the one HDMI whereas the regular XD has 2, like that of the Panny.
The Pioneer is better on Freeview material (using in-built tuners) but the Panny has a better black level, with more shadow detail visible, apparently.
The latter I can confirm only insomuch as they were both in Currys, but I've no idea if the Pioneer was running it's version of Dynamic mode.
Looked at tad sharper (both fed Component HD) and more colourful. I tweaked the Panny beside it, but with limited time and staff/customers hovering about, I wasn't going to spend 15 mins making the Panny more than what it had been.
It was better, but the Pioneer looked to have the edge bar the shadow detail.

Best thing would be to go into a specialist who does both (hopefully) and have a really good look and play with them, and don't be persuaded your own eyes aren't up to the task - they very much are! If you see it (or don't) then that's all that matters, since it's your money you're spending and you're the one who has to live with the decision made each day.


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I am in the same position and unable to decide, but I visited Curry`s ? on Sunday and they had both sets running with Bugs Life DVD showing.
The Pioneer was better on this standard DVD, the difference where in the detail of the picture around the edges, the colours were slighty better reproduced, the Panasonic was ever so slightly cloudy in comparison but you would not have noticed if both sets had not been next to each other, reflections on the screen where worse on the Panasonic, and finally the picture was better off axis on the Pioneer. Any comments from users of both TV`s


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I saw both of these last week in my local (Orpington) Comet Superstore.

They were positioned next to each other showing the same HD feed (over HDMI) and the Pioneer was much better imo - with richer colours and a sharper picture.

The sales guys in the store said the (older) Panasonic PX60 was a closer match to the Pioneer in picture quality - and having seen one some time ago i had to agree.

Looks like the Panasonic screens are getting worse, rather than better.


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Can't agree with that, salesmen are talking rubbish all the time...
According to reviews and in my opinion the new Panny PX70's are a bit better and close to Pioneer in many respects.

New Panny's have no purple snakes anymore and better blacks then Pio.
Some Pio 427 have 'dirty screen' issues which is a production fault and theyare still prone for screen burn...

Reviews Panny PX70:
Use a webbased translation service for the last one if needed

The Gooner

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Well went to local AV shop (Manders - family run buisness) and got the Panny with 5 year warrenty, They will deliver and set up for me, I said that I hadnt got the cabinet for it yet and they said when I get it they will come back to me and set it all up on new cabinet as well, so ive ordered coming on wednesday.

Pio was £250 dearer so decided on Panny, to be honest couldnt see that much diff in PQ between the 2 certainly not £250 worth anyway.

Currys were selling the Pio for 1199 but I have paid £999 for panny


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Thats not what many users of those sets on here are reporting. Purple snakes is still a bit problem on the PX70 according to many.

I have read every post in every PX70 thread and I really don't know what you're talking about.
There is only one review stating that it's only visible if you go look for it at 2 feet distance or so, at normal viewing distance it's not an issue anymore...

Every plasma has some flaws, I think Panny has the least problems now in a nicer package for a good price.

Both my brother and me have a 42PV70 (Dutch model with analogue tuner) for two weeks now and we are very happy with the picture and have not seen any problems until now.


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There has been 2 posts of purple snakes on the px70 that doesnt seem to be very much after so many px60 users that have bought the px70 seem happy with this screen and i bet they gave it the full purple snakes test.


There`s a member called `killswitch` who`s got purple snakes prob on anew panny. read it in a new samsung plasma thread.


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I saw both of these last week in my local (Orpington) Comet Superstore.

They were positioned next to each other showing the same HD feed (over HDMI) and the Pioneer was much better imo - with richer colours and a sharper picture.

The sales guys in the store said the (older) Panasonic PX60 was a closer match to the Pioneer in picture quality - and having seen one some time ago i had to agree.

Looks like the Panasonic screens are getting worse, rather than better.

I saw the same panels i in the same store there was a panasonic,pioneer,sharp 1080i lcd and a phillips 50" all runing a HD feed split 4 ways via a pc feed, the pioneer did look better of the 4 but the sales guy said they was all out the box settings, so the pioneer does look better out the box but the panasonic could look as good or better if tweaked, i then got the sales guy to play the toshiba HD-dvd demo disc through the old 50" samsung PS50Q7HD and it blew all of them away on pic quality, them feeds in the shops are c**p get them to put a proper HD-dvd or blu ray source in and really see the screen come alive, even the sales guy was well impressed with the samsung.:rolleyes: saying that it was probably one of the better pic he had seen.


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This is probably one of the best times to get a true evaluation of a px70, as a lot of people are purchasing a newly released panel at once and are collectively all looking for the slightest flaw or abberration and actively looking for repetitions of the shortcomings of the previous models.

The fact that the overwhelming response has been positive shows that Panasonic appear to have produced a pretty good tv.

You are never going to get a consensus of opinion as PQ is very much a subjective matter, but having read a LOT of feedback over the last few weeks, I don't think that too many prospective purchasers are likely to feel that they have wasted their (not a lot of) money.



I had a sammy ps42Q7hd, it was pants with sd stuff, but decent with hd. I think the new models with dnie on/off will be a lot better.


hello there fellow gunner,

pio for sure, just bought the pio427xd and had it about a month, went to see the panny px70 because its new and my father in law is looking for a plasma, but in comparison the colours looked dull and the picture grainy.

In short, the px70 is launched to compete with the likes of samsung and LG and it does that very well, in fact it wipes the floor with them.

If you want to take on stage leaders like pioneer then buy the panny PZ range which are £2k plus which kind of defeats the object. So in short Pio for sure. Go and see them in action, you will be lucky if they actually put the 2 side by side because this would draw out weaknesess in the px70.

sorry to the px70 owners


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I looked at both and went for the Panasonic PX70. From a picture quality perspective, there was little between them in my opinion. The Panasonic won because it was better value for money, allowing me to invest in Sky HD as well. I now have my PX70 up and running and am absolutely delighted with it, currently running standard def Sky. I'd recommend it.

I actually think this is more of a brand choice / price issue, than anything else. So, very subjective. Either way, you'll get a damn fine TV.


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Right lets sort this.

I have both.


I strongly suspect a lot of people do not know what to look for, yes slight magenta errors and again you really need to know what you are looking for, but NO purple snakes. Every px 60/600 I have seen has the fault (post fix) every 70 I have seen does not, saying that saw a mates Samsung with tha dreaded snakes on Sat night.

The 70 compared to the 60, virtually no difference except no snakes, this is really an asthetic change, and a cost cutting exercise (if that was possible).

Px70 vs 427, sorry no contest the Pana can go darker towards black but thats the only benefit, and it is not that much darker. As far as the rest of the picture is concerned, the Pio is far more adjustable to enable the owner to acheive a superb image, the Pana you are stuck with a few presets that just about get there. The Image on the 70 is softer with sd and pretty good with HD. The Pio is good with both.

The processing engine on the Pio a far superior to the Pana resulting in better colour gradiation and less noise, (that has certainly worsened in the px60 & 70 from the previous 500/50).

You do get what you pay for, these new Pana's are rediculously cheap, but for the money are good value and worth the asking price, 90% will be happy, for the more decerning customer I suggest spending more on the Pio, wait for thier new range, wait for the Pana PZ around 2.5k for 42 otherwise enjoy the inexpensive 70.


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Every px 60/600 I have seen has the fault (post fix) every 70 I have seen does not,

Are you sure about that? How many PX60 have you examined??? What models were they?

Sorry about the rant, but myself and three of my friends all have 50px60s and NOT one of them has any hint of magenta tinge, let alone purple snakes!


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******** dont agree with you there I am afraid i was going to get a Pioneer 427, then switched to Panny. One thing I agree on is that the Pioneer does better Freeview - HOWEVER once calibrated (not hard thanks Panny!) and run in for few hundre hours the Panny does as good a job with HD, sky and upscaled SD DVD as my mates Pioneer easily.

Yes the Pioneer has better internal processing and colour re-production , but if you plug decent kit into the Panny you can get rid of any of the Pannys weakenesses (pull down, interlacing etc). The Panny does better blacks. Now I guess its a matter of prerference - colour V blacks. I go for better blacks, as inky realistic blacks are what gives a film its 'cinematic' quality.

The Panny needs very little calibrating out of the box to get a beautiful picture, professional reviewers have all noted this as a fantastic selling point as it gets to the optimal color temp etc with little or no mucking about - not everyone wants to sit in front of the set for hours on end tweaking the bugger (especially joe bloggs working 9-5). The Pioneer has a mind boggling amount of tweaks, which as you say for the home AV hi-fi enthusiast great. For a lot of people they just want a great picture out the box. Just because a set costs more, and has more tweaking options doesnt automatically make a better picture. Clearly the Pioneer is an enthusiasts model, the Panny cosumer driven, that doesnt automatically mean the Pioneer is better............

The Panny is cheap because Panasonic have achieved economies of scale via mass production. They have opened 2 new giant plants, they can make plasmas cheaper now, and reap same profit margins. simple economics. Dont forget thge px60 was V expensive 18 months ago..........

The whole comparison is between the 2 is pointless anyway you are talking £1200 (inc stand) for Panny Vs £1800 inc Stand for Pio.

I would argue with the £600 in your pocket you could get better results then the Pioneer with external kit.........I have bought Panny, Oppo 981, and Xbox HD player for less than would have paid for Pioneer.

My best mate has a Pioneer 427, and there is nothing I see on it week in and out, that makes me regret getting the Panny at all. In fact I think my picture looks better (more cinematic) because of the blacks.

Pioneer definitely are an awesome Plasma manufactuer, I just think that they price themselves out the market. Lok at the market share stats, Panny completely dominates, Pioneer only has a small chunk because of its insistence of only marketing to the AV enthusiast. The only affordable option for joe bloggs being the 427xod being a stripped down version with 1 HDMI (and no stand!)

I am sure Pioneer are happy to contiune in this fashion, but I think comparing the px70 against the 427 is a little unfair when looking at the price points. As I have said agreed the Pioneer has better SD because of its internal processing. However no way does it blow the px70 on SD and HD, not by a long shot...............

just to add to my point a few points from HD TVtest which back up my above points:

"The scaling from this panel won't compete your high end external video processor or even an expensive DVD "

"For me, the Achilles heel for this plasma is its black level. It is disappointing to see a greyish black level that is subjectively worse than a LCD (Sharp LC42XD1E or Sony KDL40W2000). "

"The black level deficiency was difficult to ignore and is most apparent in predominantly dark movies. (e.g Batman Begins). The greyish blacks prevents the Pioneer from getting top marks for picture quality in my book"

Test results:

"Screen Uniformity - Uneven (Dirty Screen effect)"
"Black level Below average . Greyish blacks "
"Primary colours - Excellent" :)

just to add to my points chieck out this review for the px70, it hits all the points I am saying - that is gives a PICTURE as good as any plasma, some twice its price.


"If you were given this TV and told it had a spec twice as impressive as the one it honestly owns, you wouldn't be any the wiser"

"We normally look out for black levels, contrast, motion handling, noise, colours, and any other aspects that allow flat screen TVs to shower themselves in glory, or not. And in this case, the Panasonic TH42PX70 ticked all our boxes. The performance could only be described as magnificent. With an overfull colour capacity, and superb motion handling, there are no annoying distractions to take your eye off what is actually happening on the screen. Black levels are just as fantastic as those reported on the Panasonic TH37PX70. We hooked up the PS3, and so far, it's the best motion handling we've had the pleasure of experiencing"

"The 720p support means that the TH42PX70 has to downscale 1080i content, like Sky for example. As a result of this, it usually means you normally lose picture quality, which isn't evident in this case. If you put the Panasonic TH42PX70 next to a 1080p supporting plasma, you'll struggle to notice a difference. "

panny have saved cost on less important stuff - front inputs, SD card input, cheap speakers, connectivity (although 2 HDMI & VGA PC input is pretty good)

Its bout time the px70 is given the credit its due!!!!

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