Pio 747 first impressions

Just bought a mint 747 from Johndl (thanks John) and thought I would post a few thoughts. I have never had experience of this player and from reading some reviews it seemed I would not notice any difference from my 656 which I have been very pleased with.

Firstly, I was very impressed with the build quality out of the box. It felt substantial and I like the use of a proper IEC mains plug, allowing easy upgrading of power lead if required. I decided to set it up in conjunction with my 656 to test back to back.

All the reveiws suggested the 747 was a poor CD player but I must say I'm impressed. I can see what they mean about harshness in the higher ranges but it's a minor problem. Detail is transparent and instruments are 'layered', a very 3D soundstage. Switching between the 5.1 out and the digital to the DACS in my temporary 2802 amp revealed that the player was doing a better job of conversion than the amp could, something not discernable with the 656.

DVD-A and particularly SACD were noticably better than the 656 which I felt was weak in this department, especially SACD. Comparing back to back, the 747 sounds like a veil has been lifted.

As for video, well it's very good, as was the 656 and I can't say I could see any noticable difference but then, I'm more of an audio guy really.

I was concerned that upgrading to the 747 would be a sideways move form the 656 but it turns out that it's a very worthwhile step up. I'm suprised this player had such average reviews as it oozes quality and sounds great, especially for a few quid over £250. I would recommend anyone looking for a good secondhand DVD to find a 747. I think it'll do me fine until Denon A11's are a sensible price second hand.

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I've had the 747 for over a year now, and I am still very impressed with it. Copuled with a 42PD3000 nearly every disk looks stunning.

Have you connected it via componant or RGB?


I tested the 747 a few months back extensively and was rather impressed myself too. It's an excellent player.

CD playback isn't it's strongest point though, my 2800mkII easily outshines it in this departement, as did a rotel RCD-02.

Excellent for the price you paid too though :smashin:.
Yeah, using RGB. Actually, video is stunning, the best I've seen. Watched a few movies and am well impressed.

Dimmy, I have a Denon 2800 Mk1 and I would say the 747 is equal to that as a CD player. The Denon has a more rounded sound but the 747 has more clarity. I guess the Mk2 must be a better CD player. I suppose you could say the 2800 was more listener friendly which I think is what those who critizised the 747 were getting at.

Brilliant player though.


You'd be right Steve, the mk2 is a considerably better player (with all disc formats it supports) than the mk1.

I still liked the sound of the 747 with CDs, it wasn't displeasing at all, but my Denon's considerably better.

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Out of interest what picture settings do you use on the 747.

I have mine saved as a variation of the proffessional settings , but sometimes wonder if some settings could be better. Also which Pure Cinema setting so you use ( if anY)?

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