Pio 501 problem ?



I have just installed a new Pio 501 100watts RMS, to drive my Mission FS6.1 AV system, and have been trying to setup to play stereo CDS .

I have noticed that i get no sound out of the speakers until approx -40DB, Is this normal ?

If i want to listen at reasonable listening levels, i have to turn it up to -20DB, and even this isn't that loud.

I hve run the MCACC setup, and cannot understand why i am having this sort of problem, any thoughts, about how i can listen at about -25DB to -30DB, and adjust my Amp to change it sensitivity into the Missions ?

Or am i looking, at a mismatch with these speakers, if so which Receiver would you recommend to drive the Missions ?
Something's wrong there. Have you double checked all your connections? Have you connected your speakers to the sub? If you have connected your speakers direct to the amp, there may lie your problem.

I've copied the statement below from Mission's website if it's of any help. I presume you have the FS1 system.

The FS1 active subwoofer acts in 3 different ways. Firstly, it acts as an amplifying device for all those low frequency effects (LFE) that you feel rather than hear and does this via an RCA phono lead. Secondly, by means of the umbilical cable, it amplifies all the channel specific information that the FS1 satellite speakers cannot reproduce simply because of their small size. Finally, it acts as a buffer, not a filter, between your amplifier and the satellite speakers to reduce the risk of damage in the event of the system being over-driven. If you really must connect the FS1 satellite speakers to the amplifier terminals because of your room configuration, you would effectively remove that degree of overload protection. In addition, you would still need to have the umbilical cable connection between the amplifier and the subwoofer, simply to reproduce all the frequencies on all the channels.
The MIssions are FS1s, and i have i have connected everything thru the sub.
Sound quality is quite good, but i really have to crank the volume past -40 DB for any sound, and then on to -25DB to get acceptable levels ?
I also have the 501, but with KEF 1005 speakers.
When you ran the MCACC, did it detect all your speakers ? It pops up with a prompt asking you to confirm what speaker set up you have - did you set it to either 5.1 or 6.1 without any problems ?
All I can think of is the amp is confused because the speakers are not plugged directly into it - mine will quite happily play stuff at about -70db.


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