Pio 434 Just Got Better


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Dec 15, 2003
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I've just got a 2nd hand russ andrews mains improvement for my hifi (purifier block and superpurifier if you're interested). Cleans up mains electricity.

Anyway, plugged the 434 in and picture got a lot better. Especially football on SKY which had been pretty bad before.

Might be worth trying......
Did you use it on the Media Box or on the screen? I've been tempted to try something like this, as adding the ferrite cores seemed to make a good improvement.

I plug both into the block (which has 8 sockets). The superpurifier then cleans it up further.

Also makes DVD with pio 868 hdmi (which was very good anyway) truly 3-d
Most high end hifi types try to improve the mains (cables, purifiers etc)

Try the russandrews.com for new or, better still, the hifi websites (eg zerogain.com or audiophilecandy.com) for second hand. Alternatively, try e-bay.

Really does make a difference. It always seemed strange that i was shelling out £4k on a new tv and getting worse picture for tv (especially sport)
Nice that you saw improvements..
Can you describe in more detail, what did improve since i would like to know if it's something to try for my problems with the vertical static lines.
What in the picture improved and what did not.


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