Pio 433 MXE - First Impressions

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by Easy2BCheesy, Aug 11, 2003.

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    May 8, 2003
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    I received my (silver!) Pioneer 433MXE last Wednesday. Overall, I am supremely impressed by it. Connected up to my kit, it looks even better than the HDE demo I had in Sevenoaks.

    My funds are a bit depleted after the purchase, so my current kit is...

    1. Pioneer 444 DVD player*
    2. Xbox (patched to run as a progressive scan DVD player)
    3. Philips DVDR-890 DVD Recorder*
    4. Sky+*
    5. JS Technology SCART to VGA converter - running all the * equipment.

    The XBox produces by far the best picture on R1 DVDs - not surprising as essentially it's pumping out a 480p image. It can run R2 DVDs but it is obviously downscaling the image (which seems to produce some "jaggies" on fine detail). But it will do until my funds have recovered sufficiently to get a good prog scan DVD player.

    The Pioneer 444 seems to produce some pretty dreadful deinterlacing artefacts, more than the Philips DVDR-890, curiously enough. This may be because the RGBs are being daisychained through the DVD recorder.

    Sky+ produces very variable results. Some channels look spot-on (curiously C5 seems to be one of the better channels - I've no idea why) others suffer pretty badly with MPEG2 artefacts. BBC1 and Sky One appear to be the 'bog standard' around which I've based my settings.

    I have quite a bit of fiddling about to do to get everything just right (I'm no fan of the Digital Noise Reduction option for starters), but thus far I've been totally blown away with the screen. I must admit to being curious as to the difference something like Iscan would make to Sky in particular.

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