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Pio 4270XD vs Pana 42PX60 - which has best PQ?



Intended sources:

Freeview TV
SD / upscaled DVD
PS3 (in the future)
Sky HD (in the future)

I'd like to hear from people who have seen these in home - as it can be difficult to judge from in store feeds.

I'm waiting to recieve a Pana 42PX60 from EmpireDirect (out of stock) but the more I read about the scaling / processing issues I'm wondering if I would be better of spending a couple of extra hundred pounds on the Pio.

Is the processing meant to be better in the Pio? I take it they don't suffer from the purple snakes of doom, or green issues when using Xbox360 - or do the Pios have problems of their own?

your thoughts .... :lease:


Any one buying a 60 right now would not be wise.

The 4270 does not suffer from green tinge, purple snakes etc or image retention.

The processing engine in the Pio is better.

The only minor point is 1 HDMI input, you may be better off going for the 427XD.

And to top this off Home Cinema Choice has just done a 50" super test (not that I take magazine reviews seriously) HCC is one of the better ones and has mentioned the flawes in both these sets. The final choice was between the PX600 and The 507. The 600 scored 90% the 507 scored 91%. But this was with the 507 costing more. Now the 507 can be had for less I suspect that score would be higher.

I would thoroughly recommend the Pio and with all the issues reported with the Pana would not suggest you buy this with the quality issue at the moment.


Cheers, that was the sort of reply I thought I'd get - looks like I may have to change my order then :rolleyes:

Just to pick up on one thing you said in particular - I thought the Panasonics were meant to be pretty much bulletproof regarding image retention? If the Pioneer is just as good or better then that is a big plus.

I don't think 1 HDMI connection or lack of VGA would cause me trouble - there's always component and using an AV reciever to switch HDMI sources.


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I am not convinced that the Pio 4270XD is yet bullet-proof regarding image retention, but the ones that I have seen have been a heap better than the (early) 436s.


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Image Retention in the Pio will not kill your viewing pleasure but the purple/magenta snakes along with the green tinge effect in the Panny is a sure killer. But the Panny picture is more film-like and color of green is accurate in the Panny than the Pio.

Sporty scenes is expected to look better in the Panny esp due to RGB color accuracy.

Overal Pio wins the Panny by a decent margin.

Harry Botter

There have been tons of PX60 sold with a tiny percentage of problems. I have bought 3 in total for myself, the sister and a good friend. So out of THREE bought by me personally and each run in for 200 hours, then AVIA calibrated, THREE very happy owners. And THREE top notch displays.

By far the most popular plasma at present (try buying it online!!), so naturally more people coming on here to complain about problems. Same as any other popular product.

Just buy one. Anyone questioning paying under £1100!!! for a top notch 42" palsma is looking into forum feedback far too deeply. In my humble and very honest opinion.

For 1100 measley quid, for a 42" plasma screen, if I occationally saw a purple snake, I'd gladly covet it as a strange but interesting pet.

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