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Looking for some help.

I'm currently editing some footage of a show, what I want to do is fade from one scene to the next (video) without a fade on the audio track.

At the moment I can't find an easy way to do this.

Any ideas?


I'm a Premiere user and not Studio, so can not give specific advise but this is how its done in prem.

By default the sound track within the editing programme is separate to video, but they are locked together. To get a continuous sound track you would need to unlock tha audio on the first video track and then edit that and add in the new video. This should leave the origional audio untouched. IIRC you unlock the 2 tracks on the timeline once they have been added to it.

Been a while since I've played around with audio when editing, but I think its along these lines.



OK thanks for reply. In meantime think I've worked it out (always seems to happen, spend ages trying to work it out, post a message on a forum and within minutes realise how its done).

Trim clips so that they are in sync

Lock video

Drag both audio into sound effect track

Unlock video and add transition effect

Audio can be dragged back into audio track if video is locked again

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