Pink picture Humax Foxsat & Pioneer Kuro


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I've got a Pioneer Kuro 4280XD and have just bought a Humax Foxsat freesat box. I have connected the box to the TV with two different HDMI cables and both times the picture has a magenta wash that turns the picture pink. However, when I connect via scart the picture is fine.

Anyone else had this problem or know how to solve it?

Thanks in advance,


Lozza S

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Hi - I am no expert at all but I think the first thing you need to do is work out where the fault is coming from.

Have you tried the Humax on another TV set using the HDMI connection?

Have you tried another HDMI device on the Pioneer TV set?

Does the Pioneer have more than one HDMI socket? Have you tried them all?

Hopefully the fault will re-create itself so you would at least know where it is coming from.


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Whilst it is not the same problem as yours, there do seem there are some early batch issues, see here, may be worth swapping the unit.


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Got a PS3 connected and that works fine. Haven't got access to another HD set to test the HUMAX box on that one. All three HDMI sockets work fine on the PS3 but not the HUMAX. May take it back for a replacement, but wanted to see if anyone else had the same issure as me, or if I was doing something 'stoopid'!!!

Thanks for your comments

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