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just noticed pink floyd pulse on dvd ,on ebay loads of them,to my knowledge its still not released on dvd,as I pester the official pink floyd web site regularly to get a move on lol,I take it this is some kind of pirate??

me is desperate for this dvd




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Hi Stormchaser

Quick peek on amazon reveals this:

Region 1

Don't know how genuine this is cause I can't find any other info about this disc. It would be very interesting to hear from anybody who may have bought it.

I wonder if it is people selling VCDs or copies from Laserdisc since you don't seem to be able to buy it new.

Strange, since I would love this on DVD :(


Pulse was sheduled to be released a couple of years ago, but was pulled, because David Gilmour wanted to do a proper remixed 5.1 version. I saw various reports last year that the remix is in process, but how long it will take, who knows. It's been 10 years since their last new album, so I think we can assume that the Floyd don't tend to rush things! :D

I think the ones on ebay are probably these Brazillian copies of the VHS versison, as in the Rush thread. They are not official releases, as far as I know, and contain some sort of pseudo 5.1 sound, rather than a proper remix. I would avoid them, even though I too would love Pulse on DVD. I notice there's no link to buy that Amazon version, so I can only imagine it's an old page they haven't removed for some reason.

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