Pinball fx pinball vr... Worth a 5er?


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Normally would pick up no question but I have spent a lot this sale.... Is season 2 on offer?



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It's great fun on the Psvr. Not my usual sort of thing but no regrets buying it.


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Balls. Bought this thinking it was an oculus stor exclusive and picked up. Would have got on steam if had known. I don't mind about Superboy as it was much cheaper on oculus


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Do you get anything playable for your fiver? I thought you had to buy the season one or additional tables but I've perhaps misunderstood. I've been debating this one as well as the normal tables are fun but then I'm not sure it's something I'd be that bothered about in VR.

The other one I've seen mentioned in discussions is Zaccaria:

Zaccaria Pinball on Steam

Although it seems more to emulate the classic pinball experience whereas Pinball FX seems to take more advantage of it being 3D software and have more fun stuff.



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You get... 4 is it? Tables in the core game. Better had at least or I will be p1****


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I have a few of the Zen studio pinball games.. bought a 3 table tranche and then an 'extra' the Walking dead table. Not impressed by Zen Studio deceptive marketing which featured the table but was not included.
As it goes the walking Dead table is a lot more fun then the standard tables -with mini games and 3d distractions, including a full size lunging Zombie, reminiscent of your irritating wacky mate aping a zombie to distract you from your play. Funny at first but then a yawn. Would have been nice to have had a virtual shot gun to adios him. Of course that table raises the bar. I dont want to play the old style tables any more.

Go to a minute in



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Still taking advantage of my free credit, but this is excellent. Too busy looking around to play at first but perfect type of game for VR.

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