Pillock on Rainbow

Captain Ted

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This is a story I must share with you all, and if it is one of you, then you are an arse!

I joined a co-op terrorist hunt in LVU on a random game on Thursday.

The host welcomed me and said "Hi, Captain Ted, now all I ask is that you follow us. If you don't, you are liable to be kicked."

I gingerly replied "ok" thinking what the hell is he on?

I followed him (and 2 others) into the first room and he explained to me that he has his system of "going through the glitches".

I thought to myself maybe they kill everyone really quickly and it may be an opportunity to get some easy promotion points so I held back.

I was then told " you may use your initiatve, but just don't go running off on your own"

That was it for me. I left the geek, who no doubt is still living with mummy, to it.



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oh dear!! very sad indeed!

i dont have rainbow six but i met my fair share of geeks and weirdos on xbox live too!!


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I dont think you have to be a geek or live with your mummy to play a game tactically

Captain Ted

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There's playing tactically and there's taking things waay too seriously so others don't have fun.



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Some people are just extremely sad! Sounds like the guy had his sense of humour, charisma and actually his entire personality removed at birth. You have to play R6V tactically, but playing tactically doesn't mean that you have to be such a complete overserious dullard.


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Its not real after all they are just games. As soon as I here 'gliching' i'll leave the game.



ted ever seen the program grumpy old men

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ted ever seen the program grumpy old men
:rotfl:....he was just too old to keep up....:rotfl: Ted you should have just whacked him and said "Oi I'm the daddy here, next time i'll F**king ya.....:rotfl: :rotfl:


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i would have shouted---


and promptly got everyone killed.


Captain Ted

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sounds like some guys i played the other week.
always seems to be on vegas and they all sound about seven...

This one sounded like an "adult"

I was kicked from a game yesterday as I didn't rank high enough for them.



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I was once kicked from a game of Medal of Honor : Allied Assault - I was on the Allies team, and the "leader" was giving out orders once we got into the game, so we would all know what we were doing.

Before he had finished his talk, I had snuck away, killed the entire Nazi team and took the base.

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