Pikaone 320GB External HD & Media Player


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Dont know if this is the best place to post but saw this item on QVC tonight,
Its basically a USB2 storage drive with built in Media Player software and A/V out for connection to a TV for display of movies/pictures/music.
Has anyone any knowlege of this item ( £159 )
I know portable hard drives are a lot cheaper than ther used to be but was interested in this as it has the facility to replay direct to TV/Screens without any PC involved.
In the new year I start a program of classroom inputs at various venues in N/W and was wondering whether this woulld be a good investment to store training videos on and could it replay Power Point Presentations that I may put on it on it ?

Any feedback welcome.

Dont know what the software on it is.


Now this is just my opinion but anything that appears on QVC has usually proved impossible to shift elsewhere.

If you want a tried and trusted product that does this job, and you don't need it to have a DVD player then I'd go for the TViX HD M-5000U.

This link is to a place that just talks about network media players. It's a forum, so mods might not like the link and normally I don't post links to any forums but this one (IMHO) doesn't seek to do the same job as AV Forums and doesn't compete with it, so here it is:


There are quite a few of these devices about now but if you have a read at Hi-Jack's all will become clear.


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Thanks for the reply and link , that looks a nice bit of kit and offers far more in the way of connectivity than the Pikanone.
Do you know if it would replay Powerpoint Presentations ?

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