Pikaone 320GB External HD & Media Player


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Dont know if this is the best place to post but saw this item on QVC tonight,
Its basically a USB2 storage drive with built in Media Player software and A/V out for connection to a TV for display of movies/pictures/music.
Has anyone any knowlege of this item ( £159 )
I know portable hard drives are a lot cheaper than ther used to be but was interested in this as it has the facility to replay direct to TV/Screens without any PC involved.
In the new year I start a program of classroom inputs at various venues in N/W and was wondering whether this woulld be a good investment to store training videos on and could it replay Power Point Presentations that I may put on it on it ?

Any feedback welcome.

Dont know what the software on it is.


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Now this is just my opinion but anything that appears on QVC has usually proved impossible to shift elsewhere.

If you want a tried and trusted product that does this job, and you don't need it to have a DVD player then I'd go for the TViX HD M-5000U.

This link is to a place that just talks about network media players. It's a forum, so mods might not like the link and normally I don't post links to any forums but this one (IMHO) doesn't seek to do the same job as AV Forums and doesn't compete with it, so here it is:


There are quite a few of these devices about now but if you have a read at Hi-Jack's all will become clear.


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Thanks for the reply and link , that looks a nice bit of kit and offers far more in the way of connectivity than the Pikanone.
Do you know if it would replay Powerpoint Presentations ?

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