Question piggybacking a wireless router to my garage from my house router


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i am sure there is a way to connect my netgear wndr4000 to the main router in my house which is a linksys wrt54gs v.2 broadband wireless router. I want to use the netgear as a port to wire my laptop and deskphone for my work in the outbuilding. I am already using a repeater that I can plug the netgear router into. does anyone know how to do this? I appreciate any and all advise and I willing to drill a hole if I have to. thanks in advance!


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What do you mean by repeater? If you mean a wireless repeater, this is probably not the best idea as it will reduce the throughput and if it does not have a wired network port, you won't be able to use it in this scenario.

Can you run a cable between the 2 routers? This would be the best route, or you could use Homeplugs over the mains connection. You then set up the 2nd router as an access point which is normally very simple to do.

The other option is a wireless bridge, but this might be quite expensive.


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The repeater has a plug on top for a cat 5. I was thinking to plug in the router then run a cable upstairs

my bad its a tp link wifi extender
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