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Piggyback HDMI switcher or not ?


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As is always the way of things, I'm one HDMI input short on the HDMI switch box I currently use (it has 3 inputs and I need 4 !).

So, is it possible for me to piggyback a second HDMI switch box into the first and create some more inputs or will that not work for some reason ?

Haven't bought the second HDMI switcher yet, so thought I should check this out before I do.



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Any help out there please ?



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Personally I'd always suggest using a single box with the right number of inputs.

It can be hard enough to get all the devices properly hand-shaking with only one switch box in the circuit adding another isn't going to help.

If you can get one to test before buying or order from somewhere that will let you return it then go ahead and try it.

Don't be tempted to go for a cheaper solution than your current switch though as you'll probably just bring in more problems than you need. Perhaps try one from the same source?

Joe Fernand

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Hello Canoehq

In theory there ought to be no problems piggy backing Two (or more) HDMI Switch, Distribution, Repeater devices - though in practice it can be more hassle than it ought to.

If both Switches have been programmed properly you ought to be able to Cascade them.



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Thanks very much for the advice, I'll have a ponder as to which way to go with this !


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