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Pidgeon nest


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So just looked at sky dish and a pidgeon has built a small nest at the back of my dish

It flew off when I opened my window and can see a small white egg
Obviously if it hasn't got the bird on it keeping it warm it may already be dead

What can I do ? Is it ok to get a stick as it's reachable easily and clear it away
Don't want the bird mis aligning the dish or damaging it
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Picture of the uncovered egg been awhile surely dead now


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Eggs don't need a bird on them all the time. The birds take a break every so often for a drink, food, and personal hygiene duties. If pidgeons are like chickens then they have to get water every so often, which is stored in their gullet, which they regurgitate to moisten the egg. So I would expect the pidgeon to come and go regularly.
If the bird has abandoned the nest, you're right, the egg will eventually go cold and the chick will die.
But I expect its instinct will have it return unless it perceives you to be posing a continuing threat to it.
Unless your dish is so loose that it waves about in the wind, I very much doubt that a pidgeon with or without a nest will move or damage it.


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Feral pigeons are classed as vermin and legally can be 'controlled' just dependends on your outlook on that and whether you would want to remove it.


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No bird been near it for 3 hours now so think will be a dead egg by now

So will give another couple then may have to see
God forbid you miss the footy match.


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Has it actually caused a problem yet or do you just object to pigeons in general?


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Will need to be some hefty pigeon to misalign the dish.
As per most people reading this thread, leave it alone and go and do a jigsaw or something else to take your mind off the nest.

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