PicturePerfect: Best TVs for World Cup 2018


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Hi Mark

Just wondering how close you are to releasing the review of the Panasonic FZ952/802 2018 OLED sets?

Phil Hinton

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I'm expecting one to arrive this week and the FZ802 will be a long term test TV, hopefully.


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3 TVs were reviewed on the Gadget show last week (Including Samsung & Sony) specifically for the World Cup, (Available on my5 on demand) and while the Sony impressed, the Samsung left a lot to be desired (Particularly at its price) so try before you buy.

Personally, while I am not into football, I would always go with a projector and screen (There are some great entry level models at the moment) instead of TV due to the limited immersion that a TV gives. (You can’t beat a big screen)

Gonna be a combo of my 60 inch Kuro 600a still a cracker after all these years and my Samsung Gear VR , the huge screen and immersion compensates for the screen door.
Possibly hook up the PJ but a bit of a faff in the cinema room
.........Ok blacked out garage.:clap:


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Hello everybody. I am after a new 65" TV for the world cup and my choice(according to my £1200 budget) are: Sony 65XE7003 - Samsung 65NU7400 and Hisense new H65u7AUK, but I am not a conesseur so I don't know which one is the best for sport and films?? Can somebody help me?? Thanks and saludos


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I was in a curry's store today and they were messing with prices due to world cup promos i think, saw the Sony AF8 and it looked very nice, smart design on that


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@Mark Hodgkinson is this your list or a general AVF list? I heard on the podcast you say you bought the Philips 9002 OLED as the motion handling on sports was better than the 7 series LGs - this TV doesn't get a mention...am I wrong on this?


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does that BBC UHD stay onscreen????:devil:
It does. But it's not a problem. It's the same as when you stream anything in iPlayer, you get the BBC logo, or on other channels you get logos on nearly everything. It's right in the top corner, light grey and not at all eye catching.


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Looks amazing here on my 2016 LG C6 well done bbc

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