Picture Switching can't upscale - help

Help please. I have a large rack fed network with sky HD boxes that output through HD Fury 3 and component RGB to each room. The older HD sets are fine and work well. Recently fitted a 4K Panasonic but on this output the picture keeps switching between 576 and 1080 making it impossible to watch most things. It only effects the Sky outputs ie Blue Ray is fine.
If I change skybox output to 576 I can sometimes get limited success.
I am not sure whether sky box puts out 1080i or P but it is clear that the issue comes down to my set up cannot provide sufficient pixel count for the new TV and the TV itself cannot automatically upscale.

I purchased an inline purported upscale restaurant from the USA that converts 1080i to P but I could not seem to get that to work.

I am pulling my hair out now as all the new TVs are 4K so I may well get same problem if I buy another set.

Am looking for a solution.
Appreciate thoughts - thank you


If the TV was not fully upscaling to 4K then you would have black bars around all four edges. 4K TVs will automatically upscale all content to 2160. Your Sky box, I take it an old Sky HD outputs at 1080i and you should have that enabled in the video set up in the Sky menu. You should not need to use the converter as the TV will do it automatically.

Your Panny TV only needs to have the aspect ratio set to 16:9 which is probably the default setting with overscan set to off. You are certainly doing something wrong with either the Sky box or the Panny itself.
Many thanks - the TV i have purchased does not have an inbuilt upscaler according to Panasonic. If i set the sky box to 1080i or Automatic the screen just constantly refreshes a black screen displaying the top left of the screen alternating between 16:9 / Auto. All the other 1080 sets are fine on the home network (8 of them). The TV is fine on Blue Ray that again comes from the head end and through component. I purchased a Febon convertor that converts 1080i to 1080p but fitting that either before or after the HD Fury 3 makes no difference. Thank you.

I have looked today at new sets 65" and above but not found anything yet. I need connectivity component and ethernet. The set needs to have a built in upscaler and also need smart options Netflix/Amazon/Disney+ . Nearest i found was a £2200 Sony but only had composite and not component.


What Panasonic do you have? I have a FZ 65'' OLED.

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Every 4K TV has an onboard scaler otherwise every non-4K source signal would appear as a 'postage stamp' image only filing a portion of the pixel array.

YUV Distribution (or is it RGBHV) - how are you distributing the Output of the HDFury X3?

YUV (or RGBHV) Into the 4K TV - how are you accomplishing that?

Source > Converter > New TV - have you tried moving the TV to a location where you can connect it directly to the Output of the HDFury X3?


PS And as gibbsy asks which TV do you have?
Joe - I have a head end rack. In the rack i have a couple of DVD players and couple of SKY HD boxes. These run to Netstreams Panorama 6400 boxes cascades. The Sky Boxes have the HDMI going out to HD Fury 3 and the other side of this component video cable into the Panorama that distributes the picture to the selected rooms.

Joe Fernand

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Panasonic could always be fussy about the timing on a YUV signal - do you know if the Netsreams box is converting 50Hz to 60Hz?

It would be good to confirm if the ‘working’ source is 50Hz or 60Hz?

I would want to try the ‘Not working’ Source > HDFury Converter > TV (without Netsreams) to confirm they are compatible.

Have you tried the 4K TV on a different port on the Netsreams system?


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