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Jul 13, 2009
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I've just bought a C1 55" and it's my first venture into the world of OLED TVs. My previous set was a 5-year-old 50" Panasonic LED, which seemed to be pretty tolerant of different types of content once I'd done the initial twiddling. The LG seems less so and I wanted to know if it is just the way things are in 'OLED World' or if I haven't got my settings right.

I spend most of my time watching the main feed which comes via Virgin Media and contains a mix of standard and HD channels. If I'm not watching live TV then I'm usually catching up on things I've recorded to the Tivo box. I also dip into Amazon Prime & Netflix from time to time.

During an evening's viewing, I find myself having to tweak settings and modes quite a bit because on one channel things may look too dark, too bright on another, some need richer colour, others need less, and so on. It even varies between programmes on the same channel sometimes. FilmMaker mode was recommended to me but that seems to give the screen a sort of yellowy wash that I don't really like. Is it simply that OLEDs are too good at picking out the differences between how programmes are made and I will have to keep tweaking or does anyone have any tips on settings/modes that will be more tolerant on this C1, so that I can leave the Magic Remote alone? Or should I have stayed with Panasonic even?

I've watched various videos on settings recommended for different content types which is all well and good but in my general use, I'd rather not have to keep fiddling with the set if possible. If I'm switching between live TV and a film on Netflix, for example then I could put up with just changing the overall mode if I have to but I'd like to leave it there.

Does anyone have any advice?

hello with the C1 in dv use the home cinema mode and the other hdr and sd go to standard image and turn off the tru motion of another do not do anything more that already is a show the C1 ok
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