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Picture resolutions when streamed?


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Im not sure if this is in the right place but her goes.
I often use the photo streaming ability of the 360 but ive never had an issue with it till now, and thats probably because ive never viewed pictures of this resolution, 1280x720, until now.
Basically ive been using the photomode upload feature on pgr3, then ive downloaded them to my pc. I play my xbox set at 1280x720 via vga on a 1280x720 screen, the very same resolution of the photos, but yet when i veiw the photos on my 360 streamed from the pc, the quality is really poor. but the photo that i resized for the desktop of my pc looks superb when streamed to the 360.
So i have had a bit of a tinker, with some of the pics and found that images with a resolution wider than 1024 come out with bad quality, and it gets worse the wider than 1024 ya go.

If you download the following 2 images you will see what i mean.


They are the very same image and you can see that when viewing them on the pc. Except one has had its sides cropped down to a width of 1024. When viewing them on the 360 you will notice that the smaller one is of much higher quality.

Iwould have thought that images at the same resolution as the screen would look the best!
Does anybody know why this is not the case?
does any body have some other images, possibly calibration or test images at this resolution that i coul use to experiment with?



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Thats odd, the larger one definitely looks worse on my setup when streamed via media connect.
What setup you using, Screen native res, display setup.ladida

can anybody else check this out please?


Ignore me! I just looked at the images here, not on my 360. I think I know what you mean, probably just shows that it isn't too great at compressing images perhaps?


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I dont think its anything to do with the compression, i have images that are much larger and greater file size but they look great. I think it has more to do with the resolution or aspect ration. It seems any image with a resolution between 1025x720 and 1280x720 suffer from this problem but images larger than than1280x720 and equal to 1024x720 all look superb. Its an odd one this.

Does anybody else have any findings on this


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Dan_Nufc said:
Iv'e also noticed this. :confused:

i was begginning to think it was just me, as i haven't seen anybody else mention it.
what setup you using, so we can eliminate our equipment.

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