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Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by ralphot, Jun 24, 2005.

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    Hi all!

    My BD 600 is really doing a great job so far but I have a problem.

    To illustrate the setup it is as follows:

    From a digital TV-receiver I have composite video (the receiver did not give any better).
    I feed this into a line doubler, Zinwell ProV PV-100, and I am able to choose
    between 640X480, 800X600 and 1024X768 from the doubler.

    When choosing 1024X768 I got a full picture with everything contained but difficult to get a sharp image.

    When choosing 640X480 I got a sort of "cutout", some of the outer parts of the picture is masked out
    but the picture is much easier to get sharp!

    When choosing 800X600 everything is black.

    First, is 1024X768 too much of a resolution for my proj?
    Second, why is 800X600 all black?
    Third, can I get the entire picture information to fit within 640X480?

    Is the hor freq switch important in my BD 600 in this case?
    It is set at 15750 (standard) setting.
    Other settings does not seem to make any difference.

    I am feeding the proj with RGBS.

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    I think the 600 has SD-187 tubes or similar if its like my 500. Are these resolutions you're talking about widescreen? If so I'm sure that 768 would be too much for vertical res as it won't resolve - the lines will overlap and this maybe why you're loosing sharpness. 16:9 anamorphic I run 720x576 max for dvd which proportionally in the vertical plane is the same as 4:3 1024x768 for line spacing - if my maths is right. Even at this I think the image is just starting to soften but as I've said before I prefer this than aliasing from downscaling.

    So if you're running 1024x768 for 4:3 then you might just be able to get away with it with marginal softening if your convergence, beam focus and tubes are really spot on. This res for 16:9 I'm sure will be overdoing it.

    Not too sure about the other resolutions - 640x480 sounds like the picture may just need resizing on the raster with a horizontal or vertical stretch. 800x600 - black screen may indicate the pj just aint locking on to the signal??


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