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Hi the other day i changed packages from sports to movies to see what it was like in hd after not seeing the movie package before. 99% of movies on it though have the black bars at top and bottom of the screen ( i can never remember which ratio this is) think i have seen some of the films on blu to and i can't remember seeing them in that ratio. Are films shown on sky hd all shown in it's original ratio ?


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If you are watching the film with black borders top and bottom, you are watching in the correct ratio. If a movie has had a cinema release, it will probably have been shot in 2.35:1 ratio, so will be wider than your 16:9 screen, and will consequently have black bars. Some movies were shot in 16:9 ratio, particularly "straight-to-video" films, so will fit on your TV with no black bars required at all. You might still find the odd one or two recorded in 4:3 mode, with black bars to the left and right.

It is rare for Sky to show a movie in the wrong aspect ratio.

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