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Oct 23, 2001
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Can you please help.

I've connected my pc to a plasma using VGA, and the results are not great.

I am currently using a geforce fx5200, win dvd (think an old version), then straight from the vga to the plasma.

I have also tried the DVI out, better cables, and changing the resolution in Windows

I think this may be due to the plasma, but is there any software that could help? Scaling, line doubler, filters, different dvd software??

I'm only testing the plasma at the moment, but want to make sure I've given it its best before having to take it back.
You need to get yourself a copy of Powerstrip from here http://www.entechtaiwan.net/ps.htm (free download). Set it to your plasma's resolution (the newest version of Powerstrip has a pretty good selection of default resolutions for plasmas now). You should see a vast improvement after doing this. What plasma is it? What resolution? Ideally you want to get to 1:1 pixel mapping though this is more difficult for some plasmas.

Hope this helps.

I had a quick look at powerstip, but wasn't too sure what settings to change.When I changed the display resolution, it worked on the desktop, but did not seem to make a difference on DVD playback.

I am currently using windvd 3.1

I don't think the quality on the plasma is that great, is there any scalling software, or line doublers that could improve the picture, or at least make it more appealing on the plasma?
I've tried most things from 1024x768 to 1600x1200, it changes the windows desktop, but doesn't seem to change the quality in dvd playback.

It was the same when I tried to use powerstrip to change the brightness settings. It worked on the desktop, but not on the dvd software.
Is your DVD software set to change the resolution when in fullscreen mode, if it is then it will over-ride powerstrip and stop any of the changes you made working. It would play a dvd at 720x480 if it was a region 1 disk, which is almost certainly not the native resolution of your panel. Have a look in options for this setting, try turning it off and setting the desktop res correctly, this should improve things.

Thanks for the advice, I don't recall any settings in windvd but I will have a look.

Is windvd okay for playback, or should I look at other software players?

Also, would dscaler be any help in manipulating the image from the dvd to the plasma?
Dscaler would only be any good if you were feeding a set top box DVD player into a video capture card, at present you can't use dscaler's deinterlacing algorithms with software players.

I've never used windvd so I'm not sure how good it is, most people on here seem to recommend Theatertek, and I've go to say I've found it excellent. Bit pricey though.

It may be worth upgrading to WinDVD 5 - I imagine they've done some work on the video processing over two versions. This is what I run with ( again with a nVidia FX5200 ) and I get an excellent picture on my projector ( 1:1 mapped with Powerstrip, VGA out) and a good one Toshiba RPTV ( using the s-video TV-Out ). If you don't have the latest drivers then they're worth downloading from nVidia - before I got these I was getting nothing useful on my TV ( although VGA was fine ).



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