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Hi there

New to the forum and new to HD in general. I've just bought a Samsung LE32R74BDX LCD HD. I have it plugged into a Telewest (now virgin) cable box that we've had for a couple of years- I'm using a THOR scart to connect the box to the TV and initial impressions are that the picture quality is very disappointing.

There's definate artifacting on the screen- it reminds me of the pixelation you get when you enlarge a jpeg beyond its actual size. The picture is no where near clear. All cables seem to be nice and tight.

Does anyone have any advice what might be going on ? Do I need a V+ box just to have a decent picture quality? Is the TV effectively magnifying the picture beyond it's broadcasted resolution or something? The pixelation is pretty bad.

Apologies if this is common knowledge, I'm just very new to all this



First of all check that the Virgin box is set to RGB output. That usually improves things. Not sure what boxes Telewest used. I would assume there is a menu somewhere, leading to picture settings.

Secondly, how does the quality of picture from the cable box compare to the Freeview picture ?. I'm assuming you can receive it.


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thanks for the replies!

it's just cable unfortunately so I can't compare with freeview- i did get round to hooking up my xbox 360 and dvd quality is amazing-which was quite a relief.

Just a shame the cable TV quality isn't that high- the manual with the tv isnt very good and neither is Virgin's website.

I have to play around with it more and see if I can figure it out


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Hi there, I have the Samsung LE40 and had same problems using Ixos scarts. You have to make sure that Sharpness on the Tv is down to zero, that helps and having gone from a standard cable to V+ I can honestly say there is a difference using HDMI cable. You have to remember that CRT tv's are more forgiving than LCD and hide things. Also check that you have a proper S-PVA screen by going into the service menu. Info-Menu-Mute-Power. There is info on the forum cos in some screens Samsung fitted inferior quality and the pixels are shaped certain ways which can help or hinder.

You can turn off things like Dynamic contrast and Dynamic dimming and skin tone etc. again its all in the forum on LCD panels.


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i have the same tv , and yeah scart was a little poor .
the pic with v+ box is stunning tho , id advise going for the v+ box , ask for a trial , think there giving out 6 month ones .

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