Picture Quality varies from scene to scene why ?


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Is it just me !! But why do i notice in hd films and sd films that one minute one scene is absolutely awesome and 3d and really sharp then another scene looks grainier and much less detailed:eek:

I have always noticed these inconsistencies in films for years, is it the cameras they use or the maybe inconsistent quality of the the film reels they use.Could it even be down to the laser tracking in the players we use:confused:

I was watching aeon flux hd earlier and this film has the most awesome hd picture ive ever seen, it even made me apprecciate how crisp blades of grass can look:rotfl:

At times though the picture didnt look nowhere as as good as other scenes though, for instance at times i couldnt see the goosebumps and pimples on aeons skin :rolleyes:

Maybe its just me :suicide:


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You are talking about two issues really.

All plasmas have a bit of dither in them to help increase the ability to renders shades of colour , this manifests itself as odd looking noise artifacts (its basically an area that mixes the shades either side of and rapidly changes what shade the pixels are displaying to fool your eye into seeing an intermediate shade).

They all do this (the pannies and pioneers are better than the others to be honest) , it shouldn't be too objectionable on a properly setup display at normal viewing distances.

And the other reason relates to the original material.

Films vary in exposure from scene to scene by virtue of natural lighting conditions and or deliberate artistic lighting decisions. The film is then colour corrected for creative reasons and to match grade out any inconsistencies in colour and exposure on a scene by scene basis. So some scenes might be quite low key and moody whilst others are contrast and vibrant.

When this is transferred to video , because of the limited intensity range available compared with film decisions have to made about how much of the image to transfer over into video ( pint into a half pint pot) so some variatios might be crushed together which can exacerbate noise and some might be clipped off altogether. Video is simply unable to represent as many intensity steps as film so this compromise might meant that certain areas of the image don't translate all that well into video land as they have been sacrificed to maintain the overall image.
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