Picture quality using composite feed-advise please


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Hi all
This is my first question(of many).I thinking of buying my first projector:thumbsup: ,a screenplay 4805 and hope to use a throw distance of 12 ft.which should give me a dia. screen of 78ins.
Now the bad news:(
I was thinking of using a Sony DVD/VCR home theatre sound system (which I already own) but it only produces a composite signal via the scart
What picture quality can I expect ?
a) good
b) watchable
c) unwatchable
d) don"t bother


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It really depends on how sensitive you are.

Personally, it would drive me crackers!

It also depends how good the composite input on the 4805 is. Composite is an input which can be utterly apallingly implemented but they can sometimes be surprisingly good. Check the spec and see if a digital comb filter is mentioned - this makes a world of difference.

It will certainly get you up and running - you could take a decision on whether to upgrade your DVD player at a later date.



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Thanks for the quick reply.:thumbsup: When you say it would drive you crackers is that the picture may be so bad (I know its a difficult thing to judge) or because you are used to something better.

And yes you are correct I want to get up and running but with something watchable not something that would put me -and the family-off.

Any other views:lease:


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watchable would be about right, o.k. to get you going but component/rgb i would be essential for your size of screen. never forget s-video either.


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It would be watchable, nothing more.

The thing that would frustrate me would be watching with the knowledge that it could be so much better.

It's fine as a brief stop-gap but once you've got your projector set up, you *will* want to change your DVD player
not had a 4805 but from the displays I have had composite can be awfull at best watchable.

Some displays just show a really soft picture with little or no detail, some display a digital mess but to some the former looks fantastic untill they see what a good rgb picture can produce.


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Thanks for the advice:thumbsup:

Lots of "food for thought". I think its time to save some more money.

No doubt there will be more questions in the very near future.

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