Picture Quality on Philips PUS7805/7855

Richard Murcia

Novice Member
Hi I have been looking for a new tv for a while now, i have looked at several makes, thought i find a good one then research and research and find it has faults, i suppose no tv is perfect.. I have a old Philips 7150 from a few years back the picture quality is great but the firmware needed something to be desired, so slow when using android and also slow when just changing channels etc and kept on locking up, in the end i just used it as a monitor with a separate android box and sat receiver. I vowed never to buy another Philips again as lots of people had the same problem and were being fobbed of by Philips but here i am again looking at Philips hoping that they had improved
I'm looking at the 65 inch version which i think i am right in saying that it has a ips panel (would have prefered a va panel)

My questions are..
I have read a lot of reports that the 7805/7855 that a lot of you have had problems with the picture quality, is this still the case or has it been resolved with a firmware update?
also is it laggy going through menus and a using android? there's nothing more frustrating than pressing a button and waiting 5 seconds to catch up

Any advice would be most welcome, thanks in advance

Akeel Shah

Novice Member
hey I got the 50pus7855 literally like last week so let me give u my opinion so the tv itself overall is good the picture is clear and the blacks are really nice i dont get any eyestrain so i prefer the picture over the living rooms 65 inch samsung and i did expect poor speakers but they aint terrible they are not as good for depth as a typical Samsung i feel the phillips has tiny speakers inside results in like no thump at all but highs and vocals are great i yesterday played gta 5 on it in 4k was a dream audio didnt give me a headache and the graphics were lovely really low input delay and menus are snappy love how quick netflix and youtube open and how easy all the settings are to access.. however im into my audio alot and well i tried plugging my sound system into the phillips tv into the aux port and when playing anything im getting a weird distortion from my tweeters and ive since plugged that back into my pc but really annoying feature the tv doesnt have rca ports for audio just hdmi and spdif and aux... thing is my av preamplifier has spdif and rca so I haven't ever got the digital working so im stuck to analogue overall if ur a gamer go for it I suppose if you use a digital connection for a sound bar youd be fine if u are more audiophile it might take some setup but so far im at a loss im gonna play around with the aux and see if the problem occurs thru my headphones i got 3 overheads for a fair test.. but for a living room tv idk the stock speakers might not immerse you but the ambient is absolutely necessary 😂😂😂 I love the ambient lighting absolutely on point no delay nice colours and controls with brightness and intensity of light

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