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CAn someone tell me if there is any difference between Sky digital picture quality and that of a freeview box. Will it be the same bitrate etc?


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I think Freeview is better too.

I had a Humax for a while and compared it to Sky and would say that the pictures were a little sharper and looked a liitle more solid and 3 dimensional on Freeview than they did on Sky. This was viewing them on a 37'" Mitsubishi CRT both through RGB. I never tried the Freeview box on my projector as it had a fault and went back before I had an opportunity to do so. Waiting (snore ) for the Panasonic Freeview PVR to come out and I intend to try that, should it ever appear, back to back with Sky on my projector as this is an interesting question as I don't think that the picture on Sky is quite good enough to be satisfactory when projected. I would like to know how the bit rates on Sky and freeview compare if anyone knows.


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I have no doubt that the big two UK broadcasters treat Dsat viewers with utter contempt, understandable perhaps with a profit motivated company like ITV but shocking when the BBC can't produce a Dsat picture that is as good as many other commercial UK broadcasters let alone the old analogue picture.

Given the variables of location and standard of reception I too would say that DTT has a slight edge but it is only slight, Five has always been the best picture on Dsat from the non-sub channels and perhaps it's even better than the DTT version. I have seen some seriously low bitrate broadcasts on both platforms though but the regional nature of DTT seems to me to give more flexibility even though Dsat capacity dwarfs DTT capacity.

It really is disappointing when I prefer the analogue 4:3 broadcast of a BBC FA cup game compared to their 16:9 Dsat offering:(

It's a damn shame that SKY1 dropped their bitrate from the 8mbit or so they were using last month, it was truly a stunning picture. If every channel was like that there would be far less need for High Def and no complaints from users of higher end displays:)

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