Picture Quality of Windows on a TV


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I am interested in the whole idea of building a HCPC (I am currently using my modded xbox with some great results for the money), I have read loads on here and on avsforum about the topic, but there's one thing I am unsure about:

A lot of people don't seem very pleased with the PQ of normal windows screens when displayed on their TVs. I have a 36" toshiba tv (36ZD26P), which can accept prog scan via component video cables. In my PC I have a radeon 9000pro. Would I be able to get a useable windows interface on my TV, and what sort of quality would it be? I remeber that when I had my 14" portable TV hooked up to the composite output of the TV out on my video card it was awful, but thats what I'd expect. Will I be able to read the text on screen, could I use it for browsing the internet?

Lastly what resolutions could I use, and what would be the best way of outputting the signal, I 'm sure I read somewhere that if you get a DSUB to BNC cable, then put BNC to Phono adapters on the Y, Pr, Pb connnections (i.e. just leave the h.sync and v.sync connectors unplugged) you can plug a video card straight into a component capable TV, is this correct or do I need a convertor?


PS any one had a look at windowsXP MCE up and running yet?


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You can't do it with your Radeon 9000, but the Radeon 8500 and the 9700 cards have an optional component out dongle. I think that they are only available in the US (the dongles) so you might have to import. The other option might be a VGA to component transcoder but they don't come cheap (few hundred pounds).

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