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I have posted this enquiry elsewhere but not getting an answer

My neighbours two doors down asked me if I could resolve an issue they have just started to have.

Downstairs in their lounge they have an old,( 4/5 years) Philips colour CRT TV, they have a combi VCR/DVD, a Homechoice/Tiscali cable box and a digi sender.

Everything works just fine.

Upstairs in their bedroom they have just replaced, ( 3 Days ago ), a Philips 23PF5320 LCD TV, (wife broke it ), with a new Toshiba 23C3030DB LCD, conected to that is their DVD player/recorder and the digi receiver.

Prior to this new TV, if they went upstairs and wanted to watch a VOD programe, they never had a problem the digi sender would send the picture upstairs with no problems including VOD.

Now although the setup works just fine, they can tune the new TV to receive Homechoice/Tiscali for all programes except for VOD, the signal is jumbled, the picture is messed up.

Remembering it worked just fine a week ago with no problems watching VOD upstairs, why can't they now.

I understand you can't record VOD without posibly third party ware but they don't wish to do this and have never done so.

As they are only beaming a signal from downstairs to up what has changed.

Is it posible that because they have two diffrent brands of TV, that is what is causing the problem, if so why?

The only answer I have received elsewhere suggested Macro Vision was involved but why did the set up work last week, (and for the last three years and not this week?),

This has me stumped.


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I find that only 1 scart out the back of my box can produce a vod picture but the other does not so it may be worth a try to switch the scarts round and give that a go.

Good luck mate:thumbsup:


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